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Production and installation is performed by qualified personnel (engineers, designers, locksmiths, plate workers, electrowelders, turners, milling-machine operators, sharpeners, sand-blazers, painters) that you can trust and rely on for solving your needs in different areas, like investments, purchase of specific equipment or processing on multi-purpose machines. In our work, we use the most recent and modern tools and materials, and we have all the machinery needed for metalwork. From our services we will mention:


Maschine processing

 We are equipped with the machinery for different types of metal processing which include cutting, shearing, turning, planing, milling, drilling, boring and grinding. We are able to process all types of treatable surfaces on elements and structures of large proportions with our drilling and milling machine “Borverk”.



Sandblasting and painting

We have a movable machine for sandblasting of parts or complete constructions with the quality of 2.5, and for surface protection of steel with the epoxy paint, two-component paint and fire-resistant paint.


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