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Production and installation is performed by qualified personnel (engineers, designers, locksmiths, plate workers, electrowelders, turners, milling-machine operators, sharpeners, sand-blazers, painters) that you can trust and rely on for solving your needs in different areas, like investments, purchase of specific equipment or processing on multi-purpose machines. In our work, we use the most recent and modern tools and materials, and we have all the machinery needed for metalwork. From our production we will mention:

Steel constructions

We produce and install easy, medium and complicated steel constructions for: industrial plants, warehouses, eaves, sports halls, schools, gas stations, bridges.

Constructions are made of steel girders, steel round and square tubes, steel plates (plate girders).

Covering and roofing of buildings

Covering and roofing of buildings is done with:- Single trapezium plate- Double ‘sandwich’ plate or block-boards

- Acrylic glass 

Equipment for construction and mining industry

We are designing and producing all types of steel panels for concreting (round, horseshoe-shaped and straight panels), all types of steel screws (anchors), steel arched shores, wagons for transport of materials and people, equipment for concrete transport and building in (mixers, pumps for concrete – ‘spirokrete’, injectors).

We produce and install silos from 20 to 400 cubic meters capacity. Silos up to 3 meters in diameter are completely made in the workshops, while silos with bigger diameter are partly made in the workshop and then installed on the site. Silos are produced according to workers’ documentation of contractor or orderer. They are made of hot rolled plate, corrugated plate, U and L girders, round tubes. We give attest for all our silos.

We produce two types of cisterns: underground cisterns (horizontal) and above-ground cisterns (vertical and horizontal). Cisterns (for water, petroleum, liquid gases) are made with the capacity from 1 to 100 cubic meters, while above-ground, vertical cisterns (for petroleum and petroleum derivates) are made with the capacity from 20 to 2000 cubic meters.

Cisterns with the capacity up to 100 cubic meters have cylindrical section and they are closed from both sides with caps (made according to the European norms); or, if they are cisterns for water and petroleum, they are closed with ’pyramid’ caps (the type ‘Krivaja’). They are made of hot rolled plates and welded. Underground cisterns have hydro isolation. For all tapes of cisterns we give attest according to the cistern standard.

Transport equipment

Equipment for outdoor and indoor transport (outside and inside of the industrial plants) is produced according to our own projects and designs or according to the orderer’s projects and requests. Indoor transport equipment includes: cylindrical conveyors; transversal conveyors; belt conveyors; pneumatic barriers and ejectors. Outdoor transport equipment includes: chain conveyors; dispenser ramps with one or more cascades; log lifters and transversal log conveyors. Equipment is made of hot rolled plate, U and L girders and standard components. The produced equipment is installed on the site and we give attest for our products.
De-dusting and degassing equipment

We design, produce and install de-dusting and degassing systems. The equipment includes: ventilators, cyclones, dispensers, filters, tubes and tube-elements, ejectors. De-dusting and degassing systems can be used in: wood and timber industry, casting plants, metalwork industry, building materials industry, food industry and chemical industry. After the transfer, we will give you attest for our products.

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