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 Engineering, production, trading and servicing company

Company “Krivaja Metali” d.o.o Zavidovići was founded in 1962. when group of workers united to maintain Wood and timber industry plant Krivaja Zavidovići. Since 1962. until April 2007, company worked and developed as “Metalna industrija” (Metal-working industry) as a part of the state-owned company “Krivaja” Zavidovići. In May 2007, bought part of the company “Metalna industrija” (Metal-working industry) and since then the company is in the private ownership, and its full name is: Engineering, production, trading and servicing company "Krivaja Metali ltd." Zavidovići.

At the moment, company employs 130 employees and has 9500 square meters of industrial plants space and 13000 square meters of storage space. Industrial plants have length of 120 meters, and width of 15 to 20 meters. They are equipped with bridge cranes and standard machines needed for production of: steel constructions; transport equipment; equipment for construction and mining industry; cisterns for gas, water, petroleum and petroleum derivates; silos for saw dust, cement and powder-materials; ventilators; cyclones; dispensers; filters; tubes and tube-elements for distribution of saw dust, dust and other industrial waste; reducers with power of 0.75 to 15 KW. Company “Krivaja Metali” d.o.o. Zavidoviæi, with its offices and industrial plants, is located in Zavidovići, Radnièka number 1 Street, Zenièko-dobojski Canton, which is in the central Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is connected with the neighboring countries by the highway M17 and by the railroad from Ploèe to Bosanski Šamac and Bosanski Novi. Company is registered in the District Court in Zenica, under the registration number 1-9715, and it is registered as a taxpayer under the VAT identification number (PDV) 218572110001.


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